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Welcome to the Faculty Student Association (FSA)

FSA Business Office INFO

Phone: 718-270-3187
Fax: 718-270-3845
MailStop: 1219
Location: STUDENT CTR, 394 Lenox Rd, Rm 2-09

Mon - Fri (Except Holidays) 8am - 5pm.

Controller: FSA Business Office Team eMail, 718-270-3148


FSA operates the auxiliary business and services listed in the left column for the Downstate community.


Quick Links:

FSA is an IRS 501c3 Not For Profit Charitable corporation organized in 1950 and exists under a contract between FSA and SUNY to provide services to this campus as a nonprofit auxiliary service corporation. The FSA has a 16 member Board of Directors consisting of Faculty, Students and Staff and its Business Office is located in the Student Center Rm 2-09.

Business Office Staffing Update

  • Tailin Brecher separated DMC service on 6/2/17. We extend all good wishes for her future successes and thank her for her services as FSA Treasurer since August 2016.
  • The role of "Controller" continues to be filled on an interim basis by the firm of Demasco Sena and Jahelka, LLP (DSJ) until a permanent Controller is engaged. The DSJ staff includes Christopher Sena, Bob Jahelka, Anthony Condoleo, and Anthony Carrella.
  • Please Use the FSA Business Office Team eMail link in the INFO box (upper right of all FSA pages); It will auto-address an eMail to all relevant individuals on the team.

FSA is committed to environmental best practices, including: the purchase of equipment that reduce consumption of energy and water; use of healthful and sustainable indoor and outdoor materials wherever possible; proper supply chain management to ensure we are working with eco-friendly partners and vendors, and effective recycling strategies to minimize our carbon footprint.

FSA Green Initiatives:






Zipcars An Energy efficient car sharing program.

University Bookstore Purchase Travel Mugs & get a discount when buying beverages at the cafeteria. Recycled Paper sales, and Used Textbook buyback program.

Laundry Services Installed High Energy Efficient Washers and Dryers with " LaundryView" on the web.

Vending Services Installed Energy Efficient electrical misers on refrigerated machines.